The Ebony Beauty with a Tight Booty
December 14th, 2018 by admin

Glamour ebony milf is getting ready to suck white cock.

In a previous post, I explained that my hubby and I were on our way to a party, when I decided to stop by my photographers place. He has a collection of dresses, high heels, and jewelry, that he uses for his photo shoots, and I thought that some of his wardrobe items would be a perfect compliment for my dress.

After we arrived, I went inside while my hubby waited outside. I explained to my photographer that I wanted to borrow a few of his wardrobe items to complement my dress. He agreed, and I picked-out what I wanted to wear, and put them on. When I walked out of his wardrobe room wearing his silver high heels, showing off my sexy legs in my short black dress, my photographer decided he wanted to shoot some photos. He said it I looked classy and glamorous.

Arva Nalga does a glamour shoot showing her sexy legs in high heels.

I felt so sexy in my tight black dress and high heels, that I agreed. As usual, we shot some photos, and then he was so horny that he asked me to give him head. I had to go outside and tell my hubby that I would be a little longer because I was going to suck some cock. My hubby knows I love to give head, and he actually enjoys sharing me with other men, so he told me to have fun, and that he would wait for me.

Ebony wife cheats on hubby and sucks a white cock.
I had a lot of fun giving one of my deep sloppy blow jobs for almost a half hour, and took a load of cum in my mouth, and all over my face. Once I was done satisfying my own cravings, I realized that my poor hubby was sitting in the car fantasizing about me sucking another guys dick.

When I got back in the car, I paid him back for allowing me to have some fun by sucking his dick on the way to the party. I got two loads of come before I even got to the party. Someday, I might tell you how many dicks I sucked that night.

My photographer had the video camera rolling, and this is just a short except from the full video. In the full video, I finger my pussy as I lay on my side while giving him head, and much more.

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April 28th, 2018 by admin

Seductive, naked ebony beauty with thick red lips.

I just had my thirtieth birthday, and to celebrate, I did a completely nude glamour photo shoot. I wanted to show-off my tight trim body. But, I was wearing high heels. Wearing a sexy set of pumps always makes me feel really slutty. Naked ebony chick wearing only heels showing her tight booty.

My favorite sexual position is doggy style. Especially when I am fucked by two hard cocks. My tight booty and thin body allows for both dicks to get deep in both my holes. I enjoy a deep fuck as mush as I love giving deep sloppy blowjobs. Glamour photo of Arva Nalga, nude, wearing only a sexy pair of high heeled pumps.

My favorite glamour shot! Do not let my sweet and innocent look foul you. By this time in the shoot I was feeling horny and wanting to suck some dick. I could see the bulge in the photographers pants and told him I wanted to give him some head.

Black chick licking the head of a white cock before giving deep throat.

Ebony beauty with thick lips, and a long tongue, pleasing a big white dick.

I got on my knees and started licking my photographers white cock with my very talented tongue. Repeatedly going up and down the full length and stopping periodically to concentrate on the underside of the head. After a few minutes of tonguing his hard dick, I needed my craving satisfied by having  him deep in my mouth. I got between his legs and give him a deep sloppy blowjob until he shot his load of cum in my mouth.

Long tongue, cock sucking, black milf.

Once get a load of cum in my mouth, after giving a really deep sloppy blowjob, I don’t want to stop. I just keep sucking the guys dick. Sometimes, if the guy is really excited and his cock stays erect, I will keep working his cock with my tongue and mouth to see if I can get a second load out of him. To my great pleasure, and his, I can usually make him cum twice.

February 18th, 2018 by admin

Chocolate snuggle bunny, Arva Nalga, glamour shot.

Wouldn’t you enjoy snuggling up to some hot chocolate on a cold February night, and I don’t mean just to stay warm? Enjoying an evening of hot and steamy sex with a glamorous ebony babe.

Glamorous, high heeled, ebony beauty spreading her pink pussy lips.

Chocolate filled with white cream oozing out of her pussy in anticipation of an evening oral debauchery. Craving the taste of your cum, and wanting you to fill her mouth your creamy white sperm.

Thick chcolate lips wrapped around a big white cock.

Wrapping her thick black lips around your cock, using her tongue action, and suction form her lips, as she slides up and down on your cock. Giving you the best deep sloppy blow job you ever had.

Arva Nalga fingers her pink was while going down on white cock.

Teasing you with her stunning body as she fingers her wet pink pussy while you watch.  She wants you to shoot a huge load in her mouth.

Deep throat ebony milf wraps her thick lips around a white cock.

That hot chocolate glamorous babe is me! I love giving head and taking a cock down my throat until it hits my tonsils. I use my thick lips to create suction as I slide them up and down on his cock. My tongue swirls around the shaft and head, but my key ingredient to giving good head is saliva. Lots’ of “slob”! It always works, and I get what I want. A mouth full of cum.

Glamour babe, Arva Nalga, is a cum lover.

I really, really love cum! The feel and taste as of the warm fluid as it shoots into my mouth, and then down my throat, gives me an intense orgasm. Even after a guy explodes, I keep sucking to make sure I get every drop.