The Ebony Beauty with a Tight Booty
December 8th, 2018 by admin

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Even after having several kids I still have a very tight pussy. It typically only gets used by my hubby since most men want to experience my deep sloppy blow jobs. My hubby has and average size dick that is perfect for my pussy. When I meet guy with a big dick that wants to fuck, I would prefer giving him head. I actually enjoy sucking cock more than getting fucked. I have very intense orgasms when I give head.

Sometimes I enjoy inserting objects in my pussy to masturbate. If it is not too big. A specula is the perfect sex toy. I can spread it open to stretch my pussy, when I am comfortable. I rub my clit as I insert the specula, and spread it when I am ready to achieve an orgasm. It is a splendid fucking device! After I masturbate, then I am ready to have my second orgasm, by giving deep sloppy head.

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April 1st, 2017 by admin

Arva Nalga in the kitchen showing off her high heels and sexy legs.

The kitchen can be a great place for hot and steamy sex even when I am all by myself. There are all sorts of sex toys to have fun with. Cucumbers, bananas, and not to mention all the kitchen utensils.

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Cucumbers are one of my favorites because they are the size and shape of big cock and they stay hard until I am ready to cum. Bananas get soft and mushy after mixing with my creamy pussy juices and a vigorous fucking.

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Wrapping my thick black lips around a cucumber is like sucking a hard cock. Giving deep sloppy head is one of my favorite things to do, but when there is no dick around, a cucumber will do. They only thing I miss is the feeling and taste of a guy’s cum when he shoots a load in my mouth after one of my amazing blow jobs.

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Then there is the cucumber veggie fuck. It is always hard and you can pick the size and shape that gives you the most pleasure. The produce section of my local grocery store is my favorite places, and if you ever have my cucumber salad you will know where the cucumbers have been. Hehe!

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